Who is Keith Tynes?

American full-blooded Singer & Entertainer

Keith Tynes, ex-„Platters“...
band of the legendary world hit „Only You“

He was performing together with his sister Jocelyn B. Smith, The Weather Girls, Gloria
Gaynor; Angelika Milster thrilled the audience with his soul- and jazz interpretations.
As main act in Broadway musicals, as well as member of the legendary “Platters” was Keith
performing nearly all over the world.

He brings life to the stage, and through his charm and incomparable style, he wins his audience over from the very first second. His performances take you on a musical journey through the genres of soul, jazz, gospel, blues, funk, pop and broadway. He performs with vocal virtuosity and makes every song his own by interpreting them in his own unique way.

For special occasions Keith is composing his own programs and is preparing individually for each concert. Keith is not only a fantastic singer, throughout his experiences he is rather a perfect entertainer.

The large repertoire of this singer which spands from opera, blues, jazz, soul and gospel,
reflects the flexibility of this talented performer. His vocal range of 3 and a half octaves are
used effectively through all genres of music. He manages, in a very personal, sensitive,
authentic way, to express his feelings and beliefs through the music. Regardless whether
Keith Tynes sings a gospel song, a love song, a pop song, interpreting a jazz standard, or a
Broadway melody, he always succeeds in convincing his audience of his unusual gift of
communication, ability to express his intention, and to be understood through his personality.